Frequently Asked Questions

What is automatic delivery?
Automatic delivery is a convenient and stress free way of heating your home.  Rollstone Fuel Company will monitor your usage and will delivery home heating oil as needed.  It is the company’s responsibility to make sure each customer has a sufficient amount of oil in their tanks all year long.  Automatic delivery is a free service offered by Rollstone Fuel  Company

What is a will-call customer and if I am a will-call customer when should I order oil?
A will-call customer must monitor their own oil supply, and when the tank reaches approximately 1/4 the customer must call for a delivery. A delivery driver will then be dispatched to deliver your fuel oil.  *150 Gallon minimum delivery.

Why Choose Rollstone Fuel?
We offer a complete range of heating and cooling services on a 24 hour 7 days/week schedule. Heating or Cooling problem? You can depend on one company to solve your needs. All our technicians are licensed and we are a fully insured company.

What if I have no heat?
First - Check emergency switch


Second -  Check oil tank gauges level located on top of the oil tank

Third - Check fuses or circuit breakers

Lastly – Still no heat call for a service technician or if the oil tank is empty call for prompt delivery

What if I run out of oil after normal business hours?
If you are a will-call customer, it will be your own responsibility to monitor your oil usage.  If you run out of fuel and you call after hours this could be costly to you . This now means you are out of oil, you did not monitor your oil usage, and the company must dispatch an oil driver to fill your tank.  Also, your furnace may need to be re-light as this will add another expense.  All these services can cost in excess of an additional charge of $100.00. If you are an automatic delivery customer, there are no charges for all services listed above. It was the oil company's responsibility to keep your oil supply ample.

What is the posted cash price?
The posted cash price is for cash payments made within 10 days of delivery.  The posted price is for
payments not received within ten days of delivery.  

What is Pre-Paid ?
Pre-paid is a fixed or capped price for a specified amount of oil during the year. This ensures the customer that he/she will not get involved with any fluctuations in the marketplace within the next fiscal year. The program ends in April.

What is a budget program?
This program is similar to pre-paid, We take the amount of oil you use in one year and multiply it by the price of the oil, and divide it by ten months for the budget pay program .

These payments are due on the 25th of each month and the last payment is due May 25th.  

What is the Tank Protection Program?
Participating in the Tank Protection Program includes a corrosion protection device, and in the event you should have a leak, we will replace your tank free of charge. This can be up to a $1500 value for only pennies per day.  Rollstone Fuel Company customers can enroll in the Tank Guard program for $29.35 per year by calling our office.  

Do you participate in Fuel Assistance or Citizens Energy?
Rollstone Fuel participates in the Fuel Assistance and Citizens Energy programs.  Customers can contact the fuel assistance offices listed below to apply.

Massachusetts Fuel Assistance (978) 342-4520 
Call Joe for Oil - Citizens Energy  1-877-563-4645